10 Best Ways To Sober Up From Weed

10 Best Ways To Sober Up From Weed

There has been a steady growth in the use of weed in our society because of the changes in laws and regulations. Weed is now a much more socially acceptable drug than heroin, meth, or crack, but it has the potential of an overdose, which can have long-term and short-term side effects.

Getting a safe way of sobering up from weed has to be the top priority if you find yourself in such situations.

What are the common signs that you are high?

The use of weed is usually desirable and pleasant, although how much you use and the potency of the strain would determine the outcome of your use. That’s why every high can feel different regardless of how long you have experience in getting high.

Symptoms of being high

  • Feeling calm and relaxed
  • Feeling excited
  • Getting the munchies “Increase in appetite”
  • Heightened perceptions of colors, sounds, and touch
  • Thinking time is moving very quickly or very slowly

None of these experiences are guaranteed because the weed experience you will get will depend greatly on the variant of weed you use, its composition, and the amount of weed you use.

How long does it take to sober up from weed?

Time it takes to sober up from weed

A weed high lasts for about 2 -10 hours long, but the time of the high depends on various factors such as; your body weight and how much fat you have, if you have eaten or not, your body metabolism, and your level of tolerance. Benign too high can bring an unpleasant feeling that far outweighs the usual feeling of excitement.

How to know if you are too high?

When the level of weed you consume is significantly higher than what your body system is used to, you can get too high.

Symptoms of being too high

  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Anxiety, paranoia, and panic
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Disruption in judgment and coordination
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Feeling crazy and unrecognizable
  • Nausea and vomiting

10 best methods to get unhigh

Cannabis can be used to experience euphoric moments. Although in some cases, you may desire to cease the feeling immediately and quit being high to be able to function appropriately.

These are the ten methods to sober up from your high safely.

1. Take some CBD to balance out the THC

Although it may sound counterproductive, CBD can actually be used to reduce the effects of cannabis in the system by helping to reduce intoxication, sedation, and fast heart rate.

2. Take some lemon slices

Taking lemons can calm the effects of weed

Lemons contain a compound known as limonene that has a calming effect. So eating lemons or adding some lemons to your water can help to calm you down by reducing the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

3. Drink some water

It is always good to stay hydrated when you are taking weed because cannabis can cause the mouth to go dry (cotton mouth) by blocking the saliva glands.

4. Eat some food

Eating some food can help you get sober too. Avoid fatty foods instead, and take some fruits and vegetables. This will help your digestive system work better and to process the cannabis in your system faster.

5. Eat some black pepper

Tasting or getting a smell of black pepper can help you with the anxiety and paranoia that comes with an intensive high. Caryophyllene, which is a compound in black pepper, has a high potency of a selective CB2 antagonist that increases the sedating effect of cannabis and can help to calm you down.

6. Eating Pine Nuts

Pine nuts can help suppress the effects of cannabis in your system. In addition, a compound called Pinene, found in pine nuts, is believed to have a calming effect on nerves and will help improve your clarity. This substance is ironically also found in weed; it is advisable to avoid it if you have a tree nut allergy.

7. Take some ibuprofen

Some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, have shown signs of bringing down the weed buzz. This is the only over-the-counter medicine that can help you get unhigh. It counters the stoned effect of weed and reduces the effect weed can have on cognition.

8. Taking deep breaths

Taking deep breaths

You can take the meditative approach by taking some deep breaths. You can do this in a relaxed environment where you can feel comfortable; if it seems like your heart is racing too fast and you are about to have a panic attack, just lie down and take slow deep breaths. You can also try various breathing exercises, like diaphragmatic breathing or the 4-7-8 breathing, where you breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds.

9. Take a cold shower

You should try taking a cold shower because they help slow down your heart rate, which is great if you have an anxiety attack. The cold shower will definitely shock you back to reality, but it wouldn’t clear up your high immediately.

10. Take a walk

If you can’t distract yourself, you should try getting some fresh air to change scenery and get your blood pumping. But remember not to stray too far from your immediate environment and try to take some company along to make you more comfortable.


An instant way to sober up from weed does not exist. The effects would just have to fade out of your system over time. Although these methods would make you feel more comfortable while you wait it out.

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