How To Smoke Weed

Best Ways To Smoke Weed

Cannabis is most frequently consumed through smoking. Even though getting high is usually a pleasurable recreational activity, you must also be aware that cannabis smoke, like cigarette smoke, includes irritant compounds and tar that can affect your respiratory system.

If you're new to the world of marijuana smoking, you might feel a little confused by the alternatives and interested in the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. What you should know is as follows.


One of the most common marijuana smoking methods is the joint, manufactured with rolling paper and smoked like a cigarette.

They are produced by rolling cannabis on paper. Additionally, you can add a filter to stop smoking-related finger burns.

How to roll and smoke the joint

  • Use your fingers or a herb grinder to crush cannabis. Eliminate any stems or seeds.
  • If you want to use a filter, cut off a tiny piece of thin cardboard that will fit into your rolled-up paper and fold it into a tip "accordion-style."
  • Place your filter on either end of the rolling paper and fill it with the ground marijuana while holding the paper lengthwise, "hot dog style."
  • Roll the filled paper into a cone or tube by pinching it between your fingertips. 
  • Light the joint's tip, then breathe it in through the filter.


Weed blunt

Blunts are constructed similarly to joints, except they are often larger and last longer. The distinction is that rolling paper isn't used to make blunts; instead, cigar wrap is used.

Because blunt wraps are created from tobacco leaves, they contain nicotine. A study done in 2010 found that the nicotine contents in blunts caused an increase in the amount of the deadly chemical carbon monoxide in the study participants' blood, resulting in unpleasant side effects such as nausea, vertigo, and headaches.


How to roll and smoke the blunt

  • Use your fingers or a herb grinder to crush cannabis. Eliminate any stems or seeds.
  • Cut the cigar or blunt open lengthwise with a blade. Alternatively, if you're using a blunt wrap, unroll it with your fingers.
  • Remove the tobacco from the cigar's or blunt's center if necessary.
  • By immersing your fingers in some water, moisten the wrap.
  • Put weed inside the wrap.
  • Form a tube shape by pinching the wrap between your fingers and rolling and tucking it.
  • Light one end with a match or lighter.


One of the most straightforward methods of smoking is with a pipe, sometimes known as a spoon or bowl.

A "stem," a hollow bowl, and a mouthpiece are the three main components of a pipe. A carb hole is another feature of pipes adjacent to the bowl that you must use your finger to cover and uncover while inhaling to clear the pipe of smoke.


How to smoke from the pipe

  • Use your fingers or a herb grinder to crush cannabis. Eliminate any stems or seeds.
  • Crushed cannabis should be placed loosely halfway up the bowl. If the bowl is packed too tightly, it could be difficult to take a hit.
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece after lighting the bowl with a match or lighter.
  • If the bowl has a carb, place your finger over it before lighting it and taking a draw. As a result, the smoke will accumulate inside the pipe. Inhale the smoke into your lungs after lifting your finger off the carb to "clean" the pipe.


Weed bong

Water is used in bongs, also known as water pipes, which are smoking apparatuses to cool and filter smoke. Since the smoke is cooler than when using joints, blunts, or bowls, users often take bigger hits and emit more smoke.

Bongs are made up of a bowl and a downstem, which is a cylindrical piece of glass. When you hit a bong, smoke moves up the bong's neck to the mouthpiece after passing through the downstem and water filter.

How to smoke from the bong

  • Fill the water chamber with water to completely cover the downstem's bottom.
  • Use your fingers or a herb grinder to crush cannabis. Eliminate any stems or seeds.
  • Fill the bowl with cannabis just to the halfway mark.
  • Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the bowl with a match or lighter while inhaling deeply.
  • Slide the bowl out of the downstem after the chamber is full of smoke and take a puff to expel it.


From joints to blunts, pipes to bongs, knowing the best ways to smoke weed is a high priority for all weed lovers.

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