How To Inhale Weed Properly

How To Inhale Weed Properly

The most important thing is not to stop breathing in after the smoke is in your mouth; continue doing so while taking beautiful, calm breaths. Novices usually take a pause with the still smoke in their mouths before they blow it out. Some others try swallowing it. 

Both methods are useless and a terrible waste of valuable THC. 

No one has time for that!

You must continue breathing while the smoke is still in your mouth to get the full effects. Keep breathing till the point where you can no longer keep inhaling the smoke deeply.

Since your mouth would be closed, breathe in some fresh air through your nose during the process. Hold it once you've reached your inhalation limit.

Breathe the smoke back out gradually after doing your best to hold it in. Don't exhale too quickly, regardless of how long you have held the smoke in. You will feel a stronger high once you figure out how to effectively manage the smoke stream.


Difficulties When Inhaling Weed

1. Coughing

Sorry, new guys, but you will inevitably have a coughing attack while inhaling at some point. 

What is the best method to avoid this? Prevent it before it occurs.

Begin with small hits rather than a single large hit to accomplish this. Your body and lungs haven't yet adapted to this kind of exercise. Increase your ability to breathe deeply by gradually increasing your cough resistance.

2. Burning throat

Another frequent problem that novices have when inhaling weed is a burning throat. The hot smoke from your lighted marijuana, primarily from joints, gives you that flaming sensation in your stomach.

Try smoking from a bong or bubbler your first few times since those tools filter the smoke using water. The water relieves the burning sensation in your throat and cools the smoke before it enters your lungs.

Methods of Inhaling Weed


Methods of Inhaling Weed

1. Joints

One of the most renowned methods of marijuana use will always be the enduringly well-liked joint. Remember that you should ignite the joint's end before puffing, unlike cigarettes.

To roast the joint, hold it up to a flame and turn it like the rotisseries at Swiss Chalet to ensure it burns evenly. Then, raising the joint to your mouth after it has finished cooking, take a few quick puffs.

It's important to note that there is little to no protection for your lungs from smoke, so start slowly and increase your tolerance over time.

2. Bowls

There is a small hole on the edge of the bowl, as you will see. Bring the mouthpiece to your lips while placing your thumb over the opening.

Light the cannabis with your other hand and take a hit of the smoke. Release your thumb after a good burn to allow air to surge into the pipe. You can then start breathing in the smoke as a result.

When smoking a bowl, it's important to avoid overpacking it because doing so increases the likelihood that your weed will burn unevenly.

3. Bongs

Do not mistake bowls for bongs. Although the idea is quite similar, the bong inhalation is much more severe because you take in a lot more smoke. A bong will have a stem with a bowl at the end, similar to a bowl. Put some light in there, along with your marijuana.

Place the stem in your mouth and begin taking a breath of the smoke. To achieve an even stronger inhale, you need to let new air into the process like you would a bowl. When you reach that point, remove the bong's bowl and carry on breathing.

Ensure to become proficient at marijuana inhalation at an early stage so you can enjoy the entire experience, save money, and perhaps one day impart your knowledge to a newbie.

Methods of Inhaling Weed Without Coughing

Methods of Inhaling Weed Without Coughing

Nobody is taught how to breathe because it comes naturally to everyone immediately, and it is assumed that they have it under control after that. As a result, we breathe more than 20,000 times unconsciously every day.

How you breathe may deserve some consideration because it affects how you feel and is also crucial in appropriately breathing in smoke.

Nobody likes to choke or cough every time they smoke, so we're committed to educating people on proper inhalation techniques so they can get high on each hit without having to cough as much.

We have experimented with dozens of methods to figure out how to use a bong or a joint without coughing. Next, we'll teach you how to smoke without coughing, regardless of how you like to consume.

1. Make use of a grinder

You may already be aware of this, but whether you use a bong, a blunt, or a vape, the quality of your smoking experience depends on how the cannabis is ground. It is essential to use a grinder because it ensures a consistent, fine grind that results in a bowl with smooth burning and efficient airflow that prevents "hot spots" or obstructions. A high-quality herb grinder could be advantageous for even the most assiduous manual breakers.

2. Keep the smoke in your mouth

It's important to keep the smoke in your mouth before breathing it into your lungs, whether it's smoking joints, spliffs, or blunts. By doing this, the cannabis that has been rolled burns more uniformly and delivers a smoother, more pleasurable hit. Use your cheeks to keep the smoke in your mouth, just like smoking a cigar.

However, before we do that, we must first discuss diaphragmatic breathing. The technique, sometimes referred to as deep breathing or belly breathing, is meant to assist you in effectively using your diaphragm when you inhale and exhale.

Your diaphragm, which sits behind your lungs and contracts and expands to draw in and push out air, is a sometimes underappreciated yet vital muscle. Most people use this important organ far too little! You can establish a more controlled breathing pattern and build muscle memory to sustain it more rapidly by using diaphragmatic breathing.

One of the simplest exercises you can do at home to develop this skill is simply placing your hand on your stomach while being comfortably seated or lying down. Then, slowly inhale, allowing the air to fill your tummy as it grows. When you're ready, slowly let the breath out of your lungs while feeling your diaphragm. For several minutes, keep doing this while concentrating solely on the movement of your belly and your breathing.

Use the straightforward 4-2-4 count as you start to practice diaphragmatic breathing. For example, gently inhale for four seconds, stop for two, and then gently exhale for four. To program your subconscious mind to adopt a new breathing pattern, repeat this procedure ten times, three times every day. Then you can use it each time you light up.

3. Slow and steady

You don't have to breathe in with aggression, tempo, or force. The smoke will enter your lungs with the smallest inhalation. Consider the breaths you've taken when practicing yoga, meditation, or during prayer. Milk the bong until you're ready to clear it by allowing the smoke to slowly and softly enter your lungs.

4. Breathe in fresh oxygen

It's essential to breathing in fresh oxygen in addition to the smoke. So first, you inhale the smoke into your lungs using a vape pen. Ensure you draw the smoke in your mouth first. You should then inhale it with fresh air if you're smoking a joint, blunt, spliff, or glass that doesn't contain a carb.

Alternately, while using a bong or pipe, leave some lung space before pulling the bong, as doing so will introduce some fresh air into the hit. Along with the release of cannabis, this new oxygen will re-oxygenate your body and calm your lungs.

5. Don’t hold it

Many attempts to give the hit some time to work by holding cigarettes in their lungs. Some people strongly believe in this, yet it is completely wrong. There's no reason to keep the smoke inside. The moment you inhale, your body begins to absorb the cannabinoids. People that usually hold their hits experience an increased "rush" caused by oxygen deprivation rather than better THC absorption. Take a breath in and a breath out.

6. Release it slowly

Make sure your exhale is as gentle and smooth as your inhale. Before your next cigarette, try out this deep breathing exercise. You ought to discover that you can exhale more freely without the pressure of trying to hold the smoke down.


The best way to enjoy weed is to find the right type and method for you, so you can kick back in comfort and enjoy yourself. Don't be discouraged if you feel it wasn't right at first; just keep experimenting, and you will find something that works for you. Then, all we can really say is, enjoy your high!

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