How To Not Smell Like Weed

How To Not Smell Like Weed

Cannabis is still a highly debatable topic in any society. Some people love it and welcome everything about it, from the smell to the lifestyle and the mindset of the people that indulge in it. Others aren't that welcoming to it and find it unacceptable that's why you probably don't want to be smelling like a stoner 24/7.

You surely wouldn't feel comfortable smelling like cannabis in public, where you will have to entertain people's stares and unwelcome expressions.

Tips To Avoid Smelling Like Weed After Smoking

Removing the scent of cannabis to avoid smelling like weed might seem like a huge or impossible task, but once you understand the methods and processes to get the smell out, it will become easier to implement more regularly. 

Here are the five tips to avoid smelling like cannabis:

1. Keep your breath fresh

The smell of smoke can stay in the mouth for a long period, and going to work with your breath like that can pass the wrong message and make you be seen as unserious and unprofessional to your clients and coworkers. 

If you smoke cannabis at home, you can freshen your breath by brushing your teeth or using mouthwash to wash the smell away. Brushing is much more thorough, but you can use mouthwash if you are in a hurry.

If you had the smoke while you were already outside your home, you would have to rely on breath mints and chewing gums, and then you can use face wipes or a damp towel to clean around your face.

2. Use hand sanitizer and lotion

Body lotion

The smell of weed can linger on your fingers for hours, and that can be uncomfortable for you because some people can catch a whiff of it when they come around you. Make use of hand sanitizer and lotion to remove the smell, and ensure the cream is a highly scented cream.

3. Use bodyspray and perfume


Using perfumes or bodyspray with strong scents can help to cover the cannabis smell on your clothes after having a spliff spray all over your clothes to reduce the smell effectively. Before spraying, test the bodyspray or perfume to ensure it lasts long enough and doesn't cause discoloration to your cloth. Also, ensure that you don't empty a whole perfume on yourself at once because string smells can be quite irritating for people.

4. Use less smelly strains

There are various weed strains, some of which contain less odor. So when you are looking to get high, you should consider the weed variants with minimal odor.

5. Try edibles

Weed edibles

Have you tried taking your weed as an edible? It is the easiest way to avoid the smell that comes with smoking it, and you can still get high while maintaining your natural scent and without the constant worry of other people knowing.

Bonus Tip: Use eye drops to help clear out the redness of your eyes, which easily show when you are high, and it has become a general method for people to decipher when you are high. Taking away the redness of your eyes will make it impossible for people to tell if you are high by just looking at you.

Tips To Avoid Smelling Like Weed While Smoking

You can enjoy smoking your weed without fearing it becoming the entire room's smell. The best way to do this is to prevent the odor of the smoke from taking root at the start.

Here are some tips on eliminating the smell of cannabis in your environment while smoking.

1. Use air fresheners

Air fresheners can be used to combat the smell of cannabis, by simply plugging in an air freshener into the room that sprays periodically or using a handheld air freshener like Febreeze you can eliminate the smell of weed from your environment.

2. Use scented candles

Scented Candles

You can get a scented candle at your local supermarket. Some air freshener companies make scented candles specifically targeting eliminating odor. You can run through a couple of scented candles to choose the one that you will be most comfortable with, although it is advisable to use a natural scent like pine because if you use a scent that is strong and distinctive, it can look suspicious.

3. Try incense

Incense like Palo Santo or Sandalwood have strong scents and can act as camouflage if there is still weed scent in the air. Light the incense about 5 minutes before you start smoking to get the air in the room thick with the odor of incense, then you can start smoking without the worry of the smell of the room changing.

4. Use essential oils

Essential oils like lavender or patchouli can be used in an air diffuser to spread a unique natural scent across the room before you start smoking.

5. Smoke in the bathroom/shower

This is a well-known trick of using the steam in the shower to eliminate the smell of weed. When smoking in the bathroom, turn on the hot water to get the steam circulating in the bathroom. Don't forget to create an outlet for the steam and weed smoke to disperse.

6. Ensure there is proper ventilation


Having ventilation gives the smoke an outlet to prevent it from getting attached to you, the walls, and the furniture around the room. Open the window and point the fan towards it to make the airflow. 

7. Use a vaporizer

A vape heats up the weed to a certain temperature that extracts the required nutrients without actually burning the weed. This results in a vapor content that hardly smells and can easily disperse.

8. Use a sploof

This handheld device filters the smoke to reduce the smell of weed, and you need to blow the smoke through the sploof every time. There are commercial sploofs, but you can also make your own.


Whew, that was a lot to take in! But, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to smoke weed without smelling like it.

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