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Top 15 Weed Games For A Smoke Session

Weed games are all about having fun while smoking with friends. These games are usually fun for the pro stoners. Still, newbies may find them a bit annoying (because they usually lose). 

Weed games are here to stay, for sure. They will continue to evolve and develop because nothing beats the creativity of a group of stoners with a passion for adventure and fun.

1. Jammin'

The rules of this game are easy and exciting. Here is how to play it:

  • First, get a unique joint rolled up for each player. 
  • Then, play Jammin', the song by Bob Marley & The Wailers. 
  • After that, every player takes a hit whenever Bob says "Jam" or "Jammin." 

If you haven't heard the song before, you should know that the words "Jam" or "Jammin" are often repeated.

To increase the difficulty level, take a hit each time the backup singers say "Jammin." too, but this has to be agreed upon by all players before the game starts. 

It gets to a point every player will have to take 4 hits in 4 seconds. 

2. Ash Bomber

This game is guaranteed to create excitement and anguish among all the players. 

To get started, you’ll need a couple of items:

  • Wide-mouth jar or cup
  • Penny
  • Paper
  • Rubber band
  • Blunt or joint

These are the steps to playing Ash Bomber:

  • Cover the jar with the paper
  • Then put a rubber band over the rim of the jar to hold it tight
  • Put the penny in the paper's center and light the joint. 
  • Every smoker takes a drag, holds the smoke in, creates a burn hole in the paper, passes the joint, and finally lets it out. 
  • A hole is burned in the paper every time a player puffs. 
  • The loser is the one who causes the coin to fall; 

The participants can decide what the task for the loser should be, but a good "penalty" is forcing the loser to roll the next joint from their stash.

 Weed games

3. Never Have I Ever

This is undoubtedly one of those stoner games where you need to ensure that there is enough weed for everyone. So roll some joints, fill some pipes, fill some bongs, or do all the above. 

Select a person to go first. That person begins their sentence with "Never have I ever..." and then takes action. Saying, "Never have I ever... been caught stealing," for instance. 

Anyone who has done that or gone through it takes a puff of weed. The play continues through the person on the left and moves around the circle


4. Movie Time

There is always movie time for people who prefer to move as little as possible while becoming incredibly high. Pick a movie first. Make it a rule that everyone must take a hit if a specific event or phrase occurs in the film.

So, for instance, if you picked a stoner movie, you'd all have to puff at home whenever someone smokes in the movie.

And it needn't only be stoner flicks. If you decide to watch a romantic comedy, smoke whenever there is a kiss. When someone is shot in an action movie, smoke, when watching a horror film, light up whenever there is blood.

5. Medusa

What more fitting title for a stoner game than the fabled, legendary entity that renders its victims stone-cold?

Organize the gathering in a circle, ensuring each person has a joint. Each individual begins by gazing down at their feet.

Everyone turns to face the other player when the count of three is reached. Both players take a hit if they glance at each other.

6. Taxi!

Similar to Traffic Lights, but with more players, this game is superior. Decide in advance how many hits each player must endure throughout a turn. It is recommended for experienced stoners to take two hits unless they are novices, in which case one hit ought to be plenty.

Player #1 must take a hit before passing to Player #2, and everyone must sit in a circle. Then, everyone must wait their turn before repeatedly smoking the joint as it is handed around the group. The following round is forfeited if you exhale or cough.


7. Weed Power Hour

Weed power hours are a fixture of pregames and parties. They're not only for drinking, either.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs or Rick and Morty episodes for one to two hours. 

The length of each clip should range from 15 to 2 minutes. Every time the song or video changes, take a hit.

Pass a joint around after each clip change to extend the duration, or boost the ante by giving each person their own joint.

8. Seven Tokes to Infinity

Only the most dedicated stoners should do this. The laws are straightforward yet challenging. A bong with a one-hitter bowl is required.

Allowing pre-packing is particularly ideal if you have more than a single-hitter dish available. After taking your first hit, you cannot breathe through anything other than bong rips until you have consumed seven bowls.

Each toke must be held for at least two seconds, and each bowl and hit must be cleared in a single pull. The individual who makes it through the seventh bowl without choking wins.

Those who can hold the eighth hit for the longest without choking—again—break ties. The winner receives extreme respect in addition to whatever gifts you choose.

9. Ghost That Hit

The last-person-standing game, which is increasingly challenging the more players you have, is best played in smaller groups of 3-5 people.

Take a hit of the weed and keep it in. The next person in the circle should receive the bowl or joint.

Hold on to your hit till the weed returns to you. You're out if you exhale before the pot returns.

10. Traffic Light

The goal of Traffic Lights is to have you take one more hit every time the weed is passed. You'll begin by passing after taking one hit. You hit the cannabis more than you did on the previous rotation. Oh, and just as in Ghost That Hit, you must wait until it is your turn again to deliver your final blow. If you weren't already high when the game began, you definitely would be by the time it's through.


11. Strip Toker / Strip Choker

The Strip Toker is best reserved for close friends. Players that lose are required to take off some clothing, just like in the game with the same name (strip poker).

You're all taking hits of weed instead of playing cards, and you're competing to see who exhales first. The round is decided based on who starts coughing or exhaling first.

12. Weed MacGyver

Any item in the home can be used by the players to create a homemade bong, pipe, or smoking device. By popular voting, the winner is whoever's piece is the nicest. The winner's bong shall be used by everyone for at least one bowl. This one is one of the few weed games that truly leaves you with something besides wonderful stories.

Weed games

13. Ganja Jenga

Make your Jenga game a cannabis party opener. Write the rules on all (or a select few) of the Jenga pieces.

Most regulations should instruct players to take a hit (or three). The game rules should be the following: When it's your turn, close your eyes, or you're not allowed to use the words "smoke" or "toke" any longer.

A player loses if they topple the tower or cannot withstand the blows their piece deals with.

14. Cannabis Categories

This is of the cannabis games that require quick thinking. The group is seated in a circle. Whoever starts chooses a category and a letter. This can be a band, a movie, a dish, a weed strain, or any category you choose. 

For instance, a person might select bands whose names begin with F. The first example is named, and a hit is taken by the person who chose the category and letter.

The weed is then passed to the left, and the following person must mention an item that fits the category and the letter. Finally, they must take five big cannabis puffs and pass if they are at a loss for words.

The second individual must take 10 tokes if they are at a loss for words. The category and letter must be altered if there are two incorrect choices.

The only problem is that every party will have at least one stoner who intentionally guesses incorrectly to obtain the extra hits.

15. Wheel of Weed

Wheel of Pot is the perfect weed-smoking game for you if you appreciate arts and crafts, setting the mood for your get-togethers, and having a lot of free time.

You'll need to make your own wheel out of whatever materials you find to be most effective, and then list the various chores in each area, such as "take two hits," "pass the joint to your left," "take a bite out of an edible," etc.

Then just spin the wheel!



Any drinking game can be modified with a little work to include weed. Simply switch out the alcohol for weed and limit the number of hits the loser must take to prevent a sleep fest from occurring at your gathering.

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