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Weedmaps: How it works

Weedmaps is the largest cannabis online ordering service available in the US. This app makes it possible to get your weed delivered to your location from a closeby dispensary with little to no added charges. 

Marijuana became more acceptable in the US due to it becoming legal amongst some notable US states in the 2010s and an increase in the use of it for medical and recreational purposes. This made Weedmaps evolve along with the cannabis state laws in the US.

What Is Weedmaps?

This is a publicly listed cannabis technology business with offices in New York, Barcelona, Denver, Toronto, and Tucson, with its headquarters in Irvine, California.

Weedmaps is a database linking marijuana users to nearby shops, strains, delivery services, and other marijuana-related businesses through its website and mobile application.


With the help of the user-friendly tool Weedmaps, you can explore and place orders from nearby cannabis dispensaries. For example, a customer may visit Weedmaps, disclose their location, and see all of the recreational or medical marijuana retail establishments or delivery services nearby, similar to how Google Maps works.


Delivery and pickup options are available through Weedmaps and differ from dispensary to dispensary. Additionally, the state and local laws of the customer's location may have an impact on the Weedmaps options that are available.

How Weedmaps Works

Weedmaps app

Assuming they are listed on Weedmaps, all dispensaries in your neighborhood are listed. On the platform app, doctors' offices that provide medical cards are also featured, and users may sort by dispensary, area, brand, and deals.

Most registered dispensaries on the app include their hours, phone numbers, and any other details you might need to know about their location and operational procedures, like whether an ATM is present or not.

The menus at dispensaries are very thorough and frequently provide you with as much information on the items you're purchasing as possible. Almost always, the product details shown on Weedmaps match those found on the websites of the dispensaries.


One of the best features of Weedmaps is the customer reviews. Users can submit reviews of any dispensary or establishment they've been to, but that's not all they can do. In addition, users of Weedmaps can post reviews on particular items. Numerous reviews mention various moods, sensations, and highs of various kinds from various strains.


You may make the most of your Weedmaps experience by using and paying attention to consumer reviews.

How To Signup & Start Ordering on Weedmaps?

Weedmaps Signup

1. Registration on Weedmaps

Use the official WeedMaps website or mobile app to signup. Then choose the delivery option you prefer between Pickup or Home delivery. Next, put your home address and the location where you want your cannabis items delivered.

The closest online shops where you can conveniently shop for your selected cannabis product will then be found on WeedMaps. One can use this function to view the cannabis services that are available in their service region. On "cards," the business data from the various retailers is condensed.

Every card displays this business information: 

  • Business name
  • Business location (state or city).
  • Customer review ratings 
  • How far the business is from your current location.

2. Select a store

Look through the online directory of nearby cannabis merchants in your service region. You can see their online product menu after choosing your chosen online retailer. View the delivery menu by clicking on the company's listing. You can add an item or product to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. You can add numerous products to your shopping cart or continue the checkout process.

3. Checkout

WeedMaps provides a quick and simple checkout process. Tap the shopping cart symbol in the top right corner of your screen to continue the checkout process. You can edit your order by changing the quantity after viewing the summary of your order. If you didn't enter one, WeedMaps would need your delivery address as well as any additional instructions you may have. Detailed billing information about the cost of your cannabis items will also be provided to you.

Click the “Send Order" button to submit your order once you are convinced everything is correct. WeedMaps will request that you make a user profile if you're a first-time user. You will fill out your profile with details such as a photo ID and medical recommendation cards. After placing your first order, you may safely save your profile data and benefit from a quicker checkout for further orders.

4. Order Confirmation

WeedMaps sends your order to the vendor when you confirm it. Then, a message that your order is being processed will be sent to you. WeedMaps provides regular updates on the status of your order's delivery.

5. Final Stage

Getting your things delivered and paying for them is the last step. You must pay the dispensary or delivery provider when you receive your cannabis delivery.

Benefits Weedmaps Has For Businesses

Weedmaps features simple and effective searchability and purchasing flow. Weedmaps is a terrific tool for dispensary retailers to use to gain visibility, highlight their products, and be a valuable resource for customers. Weedmaps offers even more with their paid promotional alternatives, similar to other marketing tools.

Benefits of Weedmaps

1. Increased Exposure 

Weedmaps improves your visibility and searchability. When trying to pick where to buy marijuana items, many cannabis users first turn to Weedmaps. Having your dispensary uploaded and searchable without the client having to go to a different website or app will undoubtedly enhance the exposure of your store.

Weedmaps lets you display your inventory, much like social media marketing. Inform potential customers about your inventory without forcing them to come into your store, give you a call, or go to your eCommerce website, which results in lower sales conversions.

2. Advertising and Pushing Sales

Similar to networks like Yelp, eBay, Etsy, and countless others, Weedmaps lets you pay for more visibility. In actuality, featured business accounts account for more than three-quarters of their earnings. So consider using Weedmaps promoted dispensary listings as a marketing investment to improve traffic and sales. According to Weedmaps, customers of its premium business accounts "up to 10X more engagements."

3. Direct Sales on The App

Your dispensary sales can increase if you provide the option of direct app purchases. Users won't need to visit your eCommerce website or physical store to move smoothly from discovering brands and items to making a purchase.

4. Discounts and Promos

The possibility to advertise deals and discounts on the app is one of the extra options available to Weedmaps' business customers. You may arrange various promotions on their "Deals Nearby" carousel or through their searchable map through their UI.


Weedmaps is a genuinely excellent option for cannabis delivery because it offers a simple way to order from thousands of shops, no additional fees, and customer evaluations for every product.

Weedmaps should have you covered as long as you live in a state where the sale of marijuana is permitted. However, the types of cannabis and delivery methods that are available in your region may vary.

Don’t forget to leave a review of your own after your purchase!

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