Weedmaps vs Leafly

Weedmaps vs. Leafly: Which Is The Best?

Two of the first cannabis websites were Weedmaps and Leafly, and both now command the lion's share of online traffic for cannabis marketplaces. So you know using a platform is good, but which one is best for your dispensary? To assist you in selecting the platform that is most appropriate for you and your company, we are breaking down each one.

From the top down, Leafly offers a larger database of products and strains in addition to dispensary information, whereas Weedmaps focuses on locating nearby dispensaries. Although Weedmaps has been around for a while, Leafly receives much more traffic. In addition, each business has since gone public on the NASDAQ and added more services to what they first provided. Which should you choose, then?


Weedmaps Overview


Weedmaps, established in 2008, was the country's most comprehensive listing of marijuana stores. During the early stages of legalization, the "stoner's paradise" swiftly developed into a gathering place for cannabis users to network and exchange stories. General Cannabis Incorporated bought Weedmaps in 2010; shortly after, in 2011, it bought Marijuana.com. In 2013, General Cannabis Incorporated returned all assets to Justin Hartfield and Keith Hoerling, the founders of Weedmaps. Since then, Weedmaps has concentrated on making money off its website and supporting marijuana legalization. The business went public in 2021 through a SPAC transaction, using the ticker $MAPS.

Features of Weedmaps

You can benefit from features on Weedmaps when your dispensary is listed there, including:

  • Customer messaging capabilities
  • Dispensary profile on Weedmaps
  • A map display that helps visitors find a dispensary
  • Dispensary visitors can share reviews of a dispensary and its products
  • Sharing of dispensary menu
  • In-store specials deals can be posted on Weedmaps

Price of Weedmaps

It costs nothing to have your dispensary's name listed on Weedmaps. However, you need to pay monthly fees if you want to use all the services, including a product menu, an about page, and visitor ratings. The regular listing might cost anywhere from $300 and $500. Weedmaps' featured listings provide dispensaries with a more prominent appearance in the directory, but there are performance-based costs. In other words, the charges will increase the better your listing does.


Leafly Overview


As a platform for cannabis consumption and education, Leafly was established in 2010. More than 5,000 strains are available online at Leafly, along with millions of product reviews and hundreds of scholarly articles. The founders of Leafly, Scott Vickers, Brian Wansolich, and Cy Scott, went on to develop Headset, a platform for cannabis analytics, after Privateer Holdings purchased Leafly in 2011. The most popular cannabis website, Leafly, made history as the first marijuana business to place an advertisement in Times Square. Additionally, Leafly went public in 2021 through a SPAC with Merida Capital.

Features of Leafly

Following the listing of your cannabis company on Leafly, you receive the following:

  • Unlimited online orders from Leafly
  • Limited ability to post deals on Leafly
  • Customized business listing
  • Support for pick-up and delivery
  • Mapped pin for dispensaries on the dispensary finder
  • Businesses can receive and respond to customer reviews

Price of Leafly

In terms of services and plans, Leafly offers three alternatives for dispensaries: Starter, Pro, and Boosts. However, the distinctive feature of Leafly's price varies according to geographical region, the precise kind of business, and some other parameters. Some dispensaries spend up to $3,000 monthly on their plan and promotion to draw attention to their business. The fundamental listing plans, though, cost $400 to $600 every month, which is typically more moderate.


Weedmaps vs. Leafly: Conclusion

In conclusion, each platform has advantages and disadvantages. Before making a choice, it would be beneficial if you thought about what is more crucial for your company. For example, Leafly is a great choice to reach a large audience. Weedmaps, on the other hand, is the best option if you want to target cannabis customers precisely.

Both platforms could, in any event, be advantageous for your cannabis business. Remember to set up your website for new visitors. Specialists in search engine optimization will assist you in taking all the essential steps to make it accessible to users and crawlable by bots. Consider these directories if you're prepared to develop and broaden your brand, and pick one as soon as possible to begin marketing your company.

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