Collection: AstroWeed

The FeverWeed team curated the Astroweed collection to reflect the relationship between astronauts and weed. Funny right? 😅

Astroweed is a collection of unique weed designs attached to clothes and gift items for stoners.

Here is more on the Astroweed designs we have available: 

Astronaut Weed

Astronaut Weed is the premier piece from the Astroweed collection. This features a high astronaut finally landing on a weed planet after searching through space for the best type of weed out there. This weed design is featured on a hoodie.

Bong Fuel

This illustrates two astronauts who have just taken a hit from the weed bong. The hit has already taken one astronaut on a flight while the other is still waiting for his high to kick in. This moment is quite relatable to all stoners in the cannabis community because the weed hit different and at different times for everyone. This weed design is featured on a laptop sleeve, backpack, T-Shirt, and Snapback.

Space Weed Plant

The astronaut is on a mission to spread weed to more planets across the galaxy. This illustration shows the astronaut planting weed on a new planet to spur the growth of cannabis across the universe. The weed design is featured on an Airpod Case and Socks.

Weed Rocket

This piece from the Astroweed Collection shows the astronaut on his weed rocket as he journeys off to a faraway planet. This weed design is featured on a hoodie, mug, cropped shirt, tote bag, and Airpod case.

Saturn Weed Leaf

The Saturn Weed Leaf is a dynamic design that shows the Saturn planet in a weed shaped universe with a weed ring. This weed design is featured on throw pillows and a notebook.

Weed Sonic

Weed Sonic is the design of a weed on a purple star background that shows it floating through space. This weed design is featured on yoga leggings and a stoner headband.

Space Cookie

This is a stoner design that is all about the weed munchies you get after taking a hit. Do you know that moment when you just want to eat a lot o different treats? Yeah, that’s the one I am talking about. This weed design features on an iPhone case, apron, hoodie, and Airpods