Collection: Weed Forest

The Weed Forest collection is focused on showing the beauty of weed growth and how stoners interact with weed growth.

Weed Forest is a collection of exclusive weed designs attached to apparel and other gift items for weed lovers.

Here is more about the Weed Forest designs available: 

Forestia Weed

Forestia weed is a design that reflects weed growth in a purple planet, this relates to the feeling that you are high and everything seems perfect. The hills in the design show how high a stoner can get once they touch the weed growing at the bottom. Forestia is a unique design of this collection due to its purple hue, which is the theme of the whole design.

Weed Forest Buddhist

This design shows a Buddhist sitting position as he meditates in the weed forest. It relates to the peace that comes when you get high. You feel detached from most things that normally influence your mood and sway your emotions. However, once you get high, you are in a state of joy and peace.

Cute Weed Forest

The Cute Weed Forest design shows a young lady in a peaceful sitting position as she embarks on meditating in the weed forest. She leaves weed in her hair and around her to show how comfortable she is when she calmly relates with the weed because of the pure weed lover she is. 

Cute Stoner

This design shows a lady moving around happily in the weed forest, and her eyes are wide open, showing that she is very active as she searches through the weed forest. What might she be looking for? A bong? Dry paper? Surely it is something to aid her on her mission of getting high.

Weed Forest Socks

Weed Forest Socks design focuses on three colors, green, black, and white. The weed comes in light green and black colors to reflect the various weed strains and their potency. There are also thick black lines around the sock.

Ginger Forest

The Ginger Forest design shows the head of a ginger haired lady beside a weed plant and a weed tree. She is making her way through the weed forest in search of something.

Ginger Roots

This design shows a lady with ginger hair in the middle of the weed forest and half of her body covered with a large weed plant.

Beauty in the Weed Forest

This design shows a ginger haired lady in the weed forest. Her look is hazier as she seems high. Weed leaves sit comfortably around her hair as she closes her eyes.

Native Bio Forest

This design shows a green haired figure with wide beady eyes. The scenery also looks damp and daunting.

Tropical Weed

The Tropical Weed design shows an ariel view of the weed forest, including the sky and tall trees. Here, you can also see the thick tropical weed forest at the bottom.