Weed Airpod Case: Rare designs For Weed Enthusiasts

Feverweed’s Airpod cases are made with various exclusive designs to appeal to stoners. The first and second generations of AirPods are compatible with the AirPods Cases.

Space Cookie

Space cookie weed airpods

The Space Cookie weed AirPods case has the design of an astronaut hugging a weed cookie. This weed cookie is from our Astroweed collection. The case is durable and protects your AirPods from scratches and bumps. This weed Airpods case is available in navy, red, blue, back, grey, yellow, mint, and pink, and it is also available in Airpod and Aipods Pro sizes.

Stay Highdrated

Stay Highdrated weed airpods

This is a weed AirPods case with an impact-absorbing protector, the Stay Highdrated design from our Weed Script collection is a message aimed at the heart of weed lovers who should know the importance of staying hydrated by taking enough water for your system while getting high. The design also features a weed bong and weed plant attached to the Stay Highdrated message, and the Airpods are also available in blue, white, grey, mint, pink and yellow.

Weed Rocket

Weed rocket marijuana Airpods

The Weed Rocket design is an exclusive from our Astroweed Collection, and this design features an astronaut riding a weed rocket through space. This Weed AirPods case is available in navy, black, and grey colors and in Airpods and Airpods Pro sizes.

Forestia Weed

Forestia Weed Airpods

The Forestia Weed design features a purple high world from our Weed Forest collection. This Forestia Weed Airpods case is available in navy, black, white, blue, mint, yellow, pink, red, and grey colors and is also available in Airpods and Airpods Pro sizes.

Space Weed Plant

Space weed plant stoner airpods case

The Space Weed Plant design from the Astroweed collection illustrates an astronaut planting on a faraway planet to start a new life and growing weed in Outerspace. This weed Airpods case design is only available in an exclusive black color and the Airpods and Airpods Pro sizes. 

A word from the founders about our Weed Airpods Cases

Our Airpods cases are made with unique designs for weed lovers. We exceeded all the basic designs currently available in the market and partnered with premium printers to ensure the printing quality is worthy of the exclusivity of the design.
The rarity of our products is aimed at ensuring there is a reduced possibility of our customers seeing a duplicate of the product they purchased everywhere they go or at every store they visit.
- Pascal & Ola, founders at FeverWeed.com™

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How should I clean my AirPods case?

Remove the case from your AirPods. Wipe the outside of the case with a microfiber or dry, lint-free cloth until the maximum amount of grime or grease has been eliminated.

Use an isopropyl alcohol or screen-cleaning solution-dampened soft, clean cloth to gently massage the outside of the case yet forcefully to remove persistent spots. Avoid getting the cloth too wet, and keep fluids out of the charging port in the case. Once clean, wipe down with a separate dry cloth.

Use only a dry, lint-free, or microfibre cloth to clean the interior of your AirPods case. To avoid getting any moisture on the metal charging connections, use a dry towel to clean the AirPod's sockets.