Weed Bags: Exclusive Totes & Backpacks

Feverweed has designed a line of stunning, distinctive totes and backpacks for stoners. These bags come in unique designs that are more eye-catching than the standard ones.

Forestia Weed Tote Bag

Forestia Weed bag

The Forestia Weed Tote bag is from the Weed Forest collection. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in two colors, black, and oyster.

Stay Highdrated Tote Bag

Stay Highdrated weed bag

This weed bag has a Stay Highdrated design from our Weed Script collection. The tote bag is 100% cotton and comes in only the oyster color.

Native Bio Forest Tote Bag

Native Bio Forest weed bag

The Native Bio Forest weed bag is designed from the Weed forest collection, made from 100% polyester, covering the entire bag and black straps.

Weed Rocket Tote Bag

Weed rocket stoner bag

The Weed Rocket weed Bag is from our Astroweed collection and is made from 100% cotton and twill. The tote bag also comes in Oyster and Black colors.

High Miss You Embroidered Backpack

High Miss You Weed backpack

The High Miss You Embroidered Backpack is from our Weed Script collection. It is a two-tone fabric made from 100% polyester and comes in a unique Grey color.

Bong Fuel Grey Backpack

Bong Fuel Weed Backpack

The Bong Fuel weed backpack comes in grey and is part of the Astroweed collection. It's made from 100% polyester and is padded with adjustable shoulder straps.


A word from the founders about our Weed Totes & Backpacks

Our creative team of designers came up with the edgiest designs for the Totes and backpacks that naturally stand out in any crowd. The designs are unique and outpace every other design for totes and backpacks out there.
- Pascal & Ola, founders at FeverWeed.com™


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What’s a tote bag?

The word "tote" was initially used to describe a type of bag in the early 1900s after being used to indicate transporting an object in the past. The term "tote bag" is used to describe a wide range of goods, although it is most frequently understood to refer to a cotton-based bag with two handles and a high capacity. 

What’s the ecological advantage of a Tote bag over a plastic one?

Reusing a cotton tote bag lowers your carbon footprint significantly, encourages safe, well-paid labor, and stops toxic plastics from contaminating the environment.

Contrary to cotton or jute, which are derived from sustainable crops, cultivated in rain-fed environments, and unbleached and undyed, minimizing the environmental impact, plastic bags negatively influence the environment.

Plastic bags are dumped after use, where they can endanger our marine and avian life by entering rivers and the ocean. On the other hand, branded, natural fabric tote bags will naturally break down to dust and contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Cleaning and Caring For Your Tote Bags

It would be best if you did a few things before washing your canvas bag in the washing machine. First, remove all adornments from your purse, including buttons and pins, before cleaning it. You should watch out for color bleed if your tote is made of colored fabric or has a pattern, painting, or other design on it.

How do you manage that?

A piece of the bag should be submerged in water. After that, blot the water dry using a paper towel. Spot cleaning is preferable to washing the entire bag if there is coloring in the water or paper towel. Any fading will be reduced as a result.

You can hand wash or put your canvas bag in the washing machine if it is white or colorfast. Before anything else, make sure to empty all of the pockets and adhere to any care recommendations.

What if there are stains on your bag?

Some stains are difficult for a gentle wash to remove. So you may need to apply a stain-removal product. It's crucial to test it on a concealed area of your bag to ensure that it won't result in any harm.

Any mild detergent and water can be combined to hand wash a canvas bag. Additionally, a soft-bristled toothbrush might be useful for assisting with stain removal.

Bag tote Waxing is an excellent technique to protect your canvas bag, but washing it is necessary. It's crucial to avoid using detergents, sending them to the dry cleaners, or cleaning them in your washing machine. The wax covering will deteriorate as a result.

Instead, you can gently wash away debris using a brush with soft bristles. Another option is to use cold water (without any detergent). Your wax covering will be shielded from harm using this technique.

It's crucial to properly clean and maintain your tote bag. That will prolong its life and ensure that its colors remain vivid and that its protective covering is kept intact.