Weed Hoodies: Exclusive Designs For Weed Lovers.

Several Weed Hoodies from the brand FeverWeed



At FeverWeed, we are focused on creating cool and fun designs for the most enthusiastic weed lovers of the cannabis community. So we found the hoodies with the best quality and attached unique weed designs to them.

Astronaut Weed Hoodie

Astronaut Weed Hoodie

This air-jet spun yarn hoodie with a soft feel makes it the perfect hoodie for the exclusive Astronaut Weed design, which is the premier design for the Astroweed Collection. This hoodie is only available in black and 8 different sizes (Small - 5XL).

Space Cookie Weed Hoodie

Space Cookie Weed Hoodie

The Space Cookie weed hoodie from our rare Astroweed Collection is made from cotton and polyester. The hoodie comes in only black and 6 different sizes (Small - 3XL). 

The space cookie design featured at the chest center of the hoodie shows an astronaut grabbing a cookie that is much larger tightly. This hoodie would be explicitly loved by the stoners that get the best weed munchies when they are high. The love for food at this moment is relatable to all weed lovers.

Weed Rocket Embroidery Hoodie

Weed Rocket Embroidery Hoodie

The exclusive Weed Rocket Embroidery Hoodie design is part of the Astroweed collection, and this design shows an astronaut riding a weed blunt through space. The hoodie comes in 9 different colors and has a front pouch pocket.

This unique weed design was made with the flight idea of the astronaut and the rocket in mind. It references the feeling you get when you smoke some weed and begin to interact with your environment differently.


AstroWeed Frequency

Astroweed Frequency stoner hoodie

The unique Astroweed Frequency hoodie design is from the Astroweed collection, this design features the shadow of weed leaves in the background, and then the astronauts head with headphones on, and the frequency of the music is visible in red.

This hoodie has 8 different sizes, which range from S - 5XL. It also comes in Navy, Maroon, Dark Heather, Indigo Blue, Irish Green, Military Green, Sport Grey, and Light Blue colors.


Forestia Weed

Forestia Weed hoodie

The rare Forestia Weed hoodie design is from our weed forest collection. The design located at the front center of the hoodie features a purple weed forest and looks simply amazing.

The hoodie comes in 6 different sizes, S - 3XL. It also comes in Black, Navy Blazer, Maroon, Charcoal Heather, Team Royal, Purple, Forest Green, Military Green, Khaki, and Dusty Rose colors.


Forestia Weed Back

Forestia weed back

This is the reverse version with the Forestia Weed design at the back center of the hoodies, and it is from the Weed Forest collection. This design comes in 7 different sizes, from XS - 3XL, and it also comes in two unique colors; Bottle green and Burnt Orange.

Stay Highdrated

Stay Highdrated weed hoodie

The exclusive Stay Highdrated design for the hoodie is from our Weed Script collection. This design features "Stay Highdrated" written boldly with a weed bong and weed leaf on the side.

This hoodie comes in 8 different sizes, S - 5XL, and it also comes in Irish Green, Military Green, Sport Grey, Light Blue, Light Pink, and White.


FeverWeed Official Hoodie

FeverWeed Official Hoodie

The FeverWeed official weed hoodie is made for weed lovers that like and want to identify with our brand. This unisex hoodie comes in a carbon grey and white color with 6 different sizes available from Small - 3XL.

The FeverWeed official cotton hoodie also has a front pouch pocket and a 3-panel hood to provide maximum comfort while you wear our officially branded stoner streetwear.


Weed Hoodies Video


A word from the founders about our Weed Hoodies

We wanted to go further than what exists on the market with our hoodies for weed enthusiasts. Most of the time stores and markets offer the same designs and the quality is really low.
That's why we have a dedicated hoodie design team and we carefully select our partners for printing and embroidery. The final goal is to offer premium clothing so that your weed hoodie is not the same cheap clothing as your neighbor. We give you what you can be proud to wear.

- Pascal & Ola, founders at FeverWeed.com



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How to Wear a Hoodie?

Hoodies can be worn with various pieces of clothing, like denim, jeans, or a leather jacket. Ensure the jacket isn't longer than the hoodie to get an appropriate look. It's best to wear your hoodie under a pea coat during the rainy season.

You can wear your hoodie with a sports jacket or with a tracksuit to go on a run. If you are planning to wear something over your hoodie, then a thinner hoodie is the best choice. Thick hoodies are best for the cold season.

You can match your favorite hoodie with denim jeans. Blue and black jeans are a standard fit for hoodies. In addition, you can wear hoodies with other pants, like cargo pants, joggers, and leggings.

Choosing the right pair of sneakers to match your hoodie makes it look awesome. Wearing cool sneakers with an attention-grabbing design can readily distinguish between a casual hoodie outfit and a fashionable appearance.


Are there benefits of wearing a Hoodie?

Hoodies can be used as a sweater to stay warm because it has long sleeves and the fabric used to produce them is similar to that used to make clothing for cold weather. The fabric's thickness and the material used to construct the hoodie determine how much warmth it can offer. You can tell most of the time by feeling the cloth with your hands.

Additionally, the hood at the back can shield you from snowfall and rain. However, don't put too much faith in it because it is made of the same material and will quickly get soaked if it rains heavily. You may adjust the hood's drawstring to make it as snug or as loose as you would like it so that you are comfortable.

But let's not forget that hoodies can enhance your style. Hoodies are typically worn everywhere by people influenced by street fashion; most feel it is similar to wearing a t-shirt. So you'll undoubtedly draw a lot of attention on the streets if you wear the hood over your head with a nice cap and sunglasses.

The fact that hoodies are made from soft cloth has a lot to do with why they are so comfortable. The fabric is intended to provide a soft, blanket-like feel. That is why wearing hoodies gives people such a strong sensation of comfort.


What is the best time to wear a Hoodie?

Hoodies are the best to wear when it's cold outside because they have a significant cotton content that makes them appropriate for keeping warm. In addition, the temperature of your body will increase with the cotton hoodie's thickness, and you'll not need to wear more layers of clothes.

Hoodies are also best worn on casual occasions. However, wearing hoodies to formal events is not required to be matched with collared shirts. T-shirts and other shirts without collars are the best undergarments for hoodies.

The hoodie is also ideal when you want to relax during those lazy times. For example, you can put on a light hoodie and stroll in the park to unwind after getting home from work and taking a shower.

How do I care for my FeverWeed Hoodies? 

We choose and test textiles to ensure that every hoodie can be readily machine-washed. So when in doubt, you can wash the hoodie with your hands. And if you intend to use the washer, please arrange the hoodie with clothes that match its color.