Weed iPhone Case: Unique Designs For Stoners

Feverweed has a range of exclusive designs for your iPhone cases, and these designs are made to appeal to the top-tier stoners of the cannabis community. All our iPhone cases are double-layered and durable to ensure that your iPhone is safe from scratches and breaking.

Cute Weed Forest

Cute Weed Forest iPhone case

This Cute Weed Forest iPhone case design is from the Weed Forest collection. It features a cute girl in a weed forest with weed in her hair while she takes a kneeling position. This weed iPhone case design is available in 12 iPhone variants.

Space Cookie

Space cookie stoner iphone case

The Space Cookie design features an astronaut holding a weed cookie tightly. This weed iPhone case design is from the Astroweed collection, and the design is featured on 18 variants of iPhone cases.

Cute Stoner

Cute stoner weed iPhone case

The cute stoner design is about a cute person taking a stroll through the weed forest. It is also part of the weed forest collection and is featured on 15 variants of weed iPhone cases.

High Miss You

High Miss You weed script iPhone case

High Miss You design is from our exclusive weed script collection. The script is also written on a white background in a unique font, and the design appears on 15 variants of weed iPhone cases.

Native Bio Forest

Native Bio Forest weed iPhone case

This Native Bio Forest design from Feverweed's weed forest collection features a figure with green hair and a dark theme, and this is the general feel of a bio forest which is usually damp and foggy. This design features 15 variants of weed iPhone cases.

Weed Forest Buddhist

Weed forest Buddhist iPhone case

This Weed Forest Buddhist design features a mustard-colored Buddhist sitting in a weed forest and meditating. This design appears on 15 types of weed iPhone cases.

A word from the founders about our Weed iPhone Cases

Our goal is to go beyond the common designs for iPhone cases and low-quality materials that are usually used. This is why the team dedicated to creating our iPhone case designs came up with unique designs that will appeal to all weed lovers.
- Pascal & Ola, founders at FeverWeed.com™



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Do the iPhone cases cause overheating?

Overheating is not always caused by iPhone covers. When wearing a phone case, heat may be trapped, but you should avoid running too many programs at once, prevent overexposing your device to the sun, and maintain it in a cool environment at all times to help lower the danger of overheating.

How can I clean my iPhone case?

To clean, only use water and a soft cloth. AVOID using aggressive cleansers and those that contain alcohol.

How Do I Clean The Embroidered iPhone Case? 

Pre-treat any noticeable stains with a stain remover lightly. Before hand-washing, give the stain remover at least 10 minutes to work.

Use a clean, moist cloth and cool water to hand-wash the embroidered pattern to stop the dye from bleeding. It is recommended to use lukewarm or tepid water. Ensure the cloth is completely clean and free of any cleaning product residue that could harm the case.

These procedures should remove small stains, but if the stain is older or darker, use a moist cloth dampened with clean, cool water to spot the area until no longer visible soap suds remain.

Allow the iPhone case to dry fully before use.